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Hobson Design at Sanderson Arcade

Hobson Design

Hobson Design at Sanderson Arcade


Design with manufacturing experience.

Manufacture with design and engineering insight.


Development should not stop at the drawing board.
The continuity we provide across design, development and manufacture is key. Our strength is in seeing a project through from the first sketch to its completion. 

Always in the persuit of the most eloquent solution.
Its the details that count. We have proactive approach to identifying and dealing with the 'small things'.

A relentless refreshing approach.
We are known for approaching problems differently and not being afraid to challenge both ourselves and those we work with in the persuit of the best outcome.


 We are always asking What If?

 Although our passion may be racing yachts we are continually searching for exciting projects to involve with    and   new clients with whom to share and develop our knowledge, skills and expertise.

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Office contact info

Office contact:
Peter Hobson

Office address:
Sanderson Arcade
Northumberland NE61 1NS

Office telephone:
01670 609020

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