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Castle Chiropractic Ltd at Sanderson Arcade

Castle Chiropractic Ltd

Castle Chiropractic Ltd at Sanderson Arcade

Castle Chiropractic Ltd clinic are offering a number of services to help with neck and back pain.

Castle Chiropractic would like to announce that as from Wednesday 8th July they will be offering massage and reflexology treatments at the clinic. The new therapist joining the team is Andrea Forster who has over 20 years experience in massage.  She has studied various styles and techniques and this enables her to tailor each massage to the needs of the individual being treated.

Full body (1 hour) 38.00

Back, neck and shoulders (30 mins) 24.00

 Andrea has also studied Reflexology which is an ancient therapy, practised for over 4000 years. It is a pressure point foot massage. The feet mirror the body and by pressing on certain points it stimulates a reflex action elsewhere in the body.  Treatment can be a one off session but several sessions are recommended for long lasting benefits especially when treating chronic conditions.

One hour session 35.00


To book a treatment please call Cathy on 01670 515906.


Please contact the clinic for further information and treatments.

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